Transforming the Attic into a Home Office

One of the most abandoned rooms in the home is the attic. It is mainly used a store for stuff we don’t use anymore. If you do not have extra room to turn into a home office the attic is the perfect alternative. When you run out space in your house don’t forget that there is space right above you. You convert the attic into a trendy and operational home office. To transform your attic into a home office you should do the following: attic-home-office
• Assess the space.
Check whether the attic has a window, good flooring and power outlets. If they are all available then you are good to go. However, most attics are simply dark and lonely caves. If your attic is simply not habitable, you will need to do some renovations to convert into a livable room.
• Flooring
A proper office will need some good flooring not just some beams. The office must also be safe to walk on and work from therefore a good floor will help to prevent accidents. If you do not want to worry about missing a step then you must select the correct flooring for your attic floor. Build a high-quality wood flooring that can hold up to your own weight and that of your home office furniture and equipment. Hire an expert contractor to ensure to work on the floor and ensure the joints are strong enough to withstand the expected weight.
• Lighting
Take full advantage of the natural light in case your attic has a window and position your desk next to it. That way you also get the health benefits from the sunlight like vitamin D. By positioning your desk next to the window it will help eliminate the creepy feeling of being up in the attic. On the other hand, if your attic lacks proper windows then use both desk and floor lamps to make it look bright. Hire a professional electrician to deal with the wiring. Strategically position the lamps all across the room to brighten up the whole space.
• Proper Insulation
Without proper insulation, the temperatures in the attic can fluctuate a lot making it uncomfortable. The roof of your home acts as the ceiling for your attic. Protect yourself from the elements by ensuring that there is proper insulation to maintain the home office temperature at optimum levels. During winter, you can use an electrical room heater to add some warmth and use air conditioning or fans to keep cool during summer more so if you want to keep your window clear.

According to the Nassau County Tree Service you must check whether there is any dead or dangerously hanging trees next to the attic that need to be removed. This will ensure that you are safe from falling trees or branches.

Renovating your attic and transforming it into your home office space is a huge project with many benefits. The attic is peaceful and tucked away from distractions which makes it the perfect place for an office. Ensure that you adhere to the building regulations of your state before embarking on the project.

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