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Transforming the Attic into a Home Office

One of the most abandoned rooms in the home is the attic. It is mainly used a store for stuff we don’t use anymore. If you do not have extra room to turn into a home office the attic is the perfect alternative. When you run out space in your house don’t forget that there is space right above you. You convert the attic into a trendy and operational home office. To transform your attic into a home office you should do the following: attic-home-office
• Assess the space.
Check whether the attic has a window, good flooring and power outlets. If they are all available then you are good to go. However, most attics are simply dark and lonely caves. If your attic is simply not habitable, you will need to do some renovations to convert into a livable room.
• Flooring
A proper office will need some good flooring not just some beams. The office must also be safe to walk on and work from therefore a good floor will help to prevent accidents. If you do not want to worry about missing a step then you must select the correct flooring for your attic floor. Build a high-quality wood flooring that can hold up to your own weight and that of your home office furniture and equipment. Hire an expert contractor to ensure to work on the floor and ensure the joints are strong enough to withstand the expected weight.
• Lighting
Take full advantage of the natural light in case your attic has a window and position your desk next to it. That way you also get the health benefits from the sunlight like vitamin D. By positioning your desk next to the window it will help eliminate the creepy feeling of being up in the attic. On the other hand, if your attic lacks proper windows then use both desk and floor lamps to make it look bright. Hire a professional electrician to deal with the wiring. Strategically position the lamps all across the room to brighten up the whole space.
• Proper Insulation
Without proper insulation, the temperatures in the attic can fluctuate a lot making it uncomfortable. The roof of your home acts as the ceiling for your attic. Protect yourself from the elements by ensuring that there is proper insulation to maintain the home office temperature at optimum levels. During winter, you can use an electrical room heater to add some warmth and use air conditioning or fans to keep cool during summer more so if you want to keep your window clear.

According to the Nassau County Tree Service you must check whether there is any dead or dangerously hanging trees next to the attic that need to be removed. This will ensure that you are safe from falling trees or branches.

Renovating your attic and transforming it into your home office space is a huge project with many benefits. The attic is peaceful and tucked away from distractions which makes it the perfect place for an office. Ensure that you adhere to the building regulations of your state before embarking on the project.

Ideas for home office planning

There is a wide a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes for home offices. Whether you are converting you are transforming your basement, attic, extra bedroom or corner into an office there are a number of things you put into consideration. You need a comfortable, quiet and distraction free space where you will spend a lot of hours working. The following are some of the important things to consider when planning for your home office.

  • Choosing the roomhome-office

In case, your house has several extra rooms for you to select from, ensure the room you choose offers plenty of space, sufficient light, and privacy for to concentrate and work comfortably.

  • Sufficient Space

When working from your home office, you will need enough space to move around comfortably. Ensure that there is enough space around your desk for you to move freely. If the office is going to accommodate more colleagues that it has to be large enough to avoid pushing against each other every time you reach out for something.

  • Proper Furniture

A proper desk and a comfortable office chair are a worthy investment for your home office. It will save from future back pain troubles. You need a desk that is large enough to accommodate your computer and any other stuff you need for work.

Storage Space

In order to have sufficient storage space install enough cupboards, cabinets and shelves for your stationery, filing, books etc.

  • Meeting Space

In case you will be meeting with clients, then you need set-aside a meeting area with comfortable seating where you can sit down for meetings. The area has to be neat and tidy for one on one meetings. If the office does not have enough space the alternative is to have the meetings in your living room or kitchen table.

  • Good Lighting

Maximize the use of natural light as much possible through large windows, using light colors on your walls and installing mirrors. Position your desk in such a way that your computer screen does not come in direct contact with the sunlight. Select proper artificial lighting for working in the evening and at night.


  • Proper Ventilation

Ensure the home office room has proper ventilation whether it is the basement or garage you have converted into your office. If there are no windows you should definitely have one installed to let in fresh air or simply open the door.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

Ensure the conditions inside the home office are favorable for work during both winter and summer. Install a good HVAC system to keep the temperatures at optimum levels during summer and winter when temperatures change to avoid distraction.

  • Silence

To avoid distraction and noise ensure your room is positioned in the quietest section of the house away from children and pets.

  • Regular Cleaning

According to the cleaning experts from this location in Denver, a clean home office is healthy and comfortable to work from. Regular vacuuming and tidying around the desk will go a long way.

  • Customize

Design space your office to suit your personality with your favorite accessories, colors, décor etc. to always lighten up your day.

Tips To An Ideal Home Office

2015_4_16-large-am-how_to_make_sure_your_home_office_is_compliant1How do you want your home office to make you feel? Do you want it to be calming or energizing, happy or creative? Or do want to focus solely on an organized and productive workspace. How about a combination of all these things? Customize your space to achieve the feeling you want your home office to invoke in you. This way you will be inspired to complete your tasks with enthusiasm.

Plan to make your office a place you will truly like. If you are thinking of outfitting an existing room, draw up a floor plan before purchasing your furniture. You can also plot design arrangements for items like your desk or computer. Ensure also that you leave enough room for your file cabinets to open, keep your phone within reach while saving space to jot notes. A bulletin board to hold your reminders, calendars and to-do-list is also a must.

If you do not have an extra room to set up an office, look for an ideal alternative. It can be under the stairs, on a landing, a closet, or in the hallway. You can also use a wall or part of a wall. Get a table that can be folded down. For storage, mount shelves on the top portion of a wall to store files. For privacy or in order to define your space, use a screen to separate it from the rest of the house.

One essential aspect to consider is the type of furniture to get, here are some home office tips worth looking into in selecting your office furniture:

The size of the space should be considered when looking for the perfect desk as well as the type of work that you will be engaging in that space. If you are working on a small space go for a desk that’s stylish yet compact. If you have a bigger space and the kind of work you will be doing needs to be spread out, a spacious desk is ideal, or you can even use a dining table, this will make a dramatic impact.

officeOffice Chair
If you are planning to be spending a good amount of time in your space, then a good, comfortable office chair is important. Choose one that not only blends with the style of the room, but one with the perfect perch as well to ensure good posture while you check out your to-do list done.

Storage & Accessories
Your very own space should reflect your personality. Pick out accessories that are not only stylish but also those that reflects your personality such as catching artworks and bookends. For storage, personalized boxes, paper trays and desk organizers will give you ample storage while making your space truly feel like your own.

Proper lighting is a key component to a successful home office. It will prevent you from getting your eyes strained while keeping you motivated to finish your task even through the night.

You will have to be using various tech items, so keep in mind that you might be needing more sockets. Do not let yourself go through the inconvenience of juggling power spots for your PC, monitor, printer, phone and camera, etc. A good surge-protected extension leads that you can run around the room to where you need power most is a good investment. Do not let cable clutter ruin the look of your office. Keep your wires neat and tidy, a Wi-Fi printer you can keep further away from your computer or a nice looking charger station for your smaller gadgets will make your office look uncluttered and attractive.